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A place to build in peace.
Cooperative-style world with as few wipes as possible.

These are the current guidelines for playing on the server.
They are the result of experiences we have made, running a PvE-oriented server so far, and they are mandatory.

- Items lost due to accidents are (usually, depending on circumstances) reimbursed by the server/admins.

- Failure to follow rules will result in banning, as we wish to make sure, that only people really who want to play PvE reside here.


Other players are not Your enemies.
Rules in place will reflect this.


In any way under any circumstances. Killes are dealth with by admins (if and when online).
Items lots due to killing will be reimbursed by server.
If You place traps (although I cannot imagine any reason for this) it is Your responsibility to make sure that - well - they don't kill anyone.


This includes bases that are insecure and/or decaying.
If You do come across a decaying base, it is customary to announce it in chat, so people can decide if they want to help save it, or not.


Intentionally creating or escalating conflicts, otherwise known as trolling, is equally not allowed.



This server does not wipe on a regular basis. This means, more care must be taken then normally when building:

- Don't build on or near roads. This will prevent barrels/boxes from spawning at the roadside - and everyone likes those :)
- Don't build too close to other bases. Leave room for You and to expand in the future.
- Don't block off access to resources / monuments. I.e. an entire island or otherwise needlessly large walling up.

Supply drops

When using a supply drop flare, announce is (i.e. Private drop M1) so others don't travel across the map to loot it.


Cars are spawned by admins, and free for use - as long as they're being used by someone else, i.e. parked outside someone's home.

Contact HeliumGerbil, if online, or another admin online, for help.